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WWE Cake
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Show piece I made in culinary school

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Management and staff turnover

If your a regular customer of a particular restaurant then you've probably seen a lot of new faces on a regular basis because the staff changes all the time. You may ask why does this happen? The only answer I have is that restaurant work his hard. This is probably the main reason most people encounter bad dining experiences. People simply don't want to work these days.
Most restaurants are always hiring because people quit just as fast as they are hired. This creates a constant on going training of employees. Employees are rushed through training when restaurants are short staffed and this causes a negative effect on the customers. Then when you finally get them trained they quit and the whole process starts all over agian. In my experiences you have to go through ten or so new hires to get one that will work hard and stay for at least a year or more.
Another issue is management turnover. There is always another restaurant out there looking to hire managers and make them a better offer. This causes management teams to constantly change in restaurants. This creates a negative/positive effect on the staff and customers because with new management comes change which can be good or bad. The problem with this is that management teams can change as fast as the rest of the staff.
In my own experience the company I work for I have been with a little over a year and I have worked in four different locations because of turnover. The restaurant industry has the highest turnover rate out of all other industrys. This is just anothe reason why a resturant that gives great service one week may give really bad service the next.


Chris said...

Good write up. I found your blog doing research for a application I'm writing for employee scheduling. I'd like to ask you some questions about your job as a manager of a restaurant. If you are interested, could you contact me at chris@webworkschedules.com.

Thanks and keep writing. I appreciate the view into the industry. It's been a few years since I've worked at a restaurant, but it sounds like some things don't change.

Long Beach Notary said...

I didn't know working in a restaurant was so much work until watching Top Chef.

I assume though that for those that stay in the industry that you get addicted to the lack of monotony.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I really enjoy reading your blog - it's interesting to read from a managers point of view. But maybe you are not seeing things from the point of view of the workers. you say they don't want to work hard - is it long hours? Busy continuous work? The way they are treated? Don't assume they don't want to work - not everyone is lazy. What about employing more staff for less hours? That way you have people you can call in when you need to.

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